Dashboard to visualize WhatsApp chat data, link at the end of the article

Today, anything we can get data from can be measurable with the right knowledge and tools. WhatsApp is not the exception, thanks to the possibility that it offers us, to export complete conversations.

I want to introduce you to rwhatsapp, a small but very useful package, which provides what is…

How to analyze and visualize data with the help of funny cats with the ”ggcats” package

StrangeR things: Adding… Cats? to your plots on R — RStudio preview (Image by author)

One of the things that many would think is that statistical analysis cannot be fun. As you know if you have been following the articles that I publish, you will notice that I try to share practical examples, but also fun. One of the activities that I carry out is…

Cómo analizar y visualizar datos de avistamientos de OVNIS del último siglo en USA y el resto del mundo

Una de las preguntas que los seres humanos pueden plantearse es si estamos solos en el universo. Creo que sería ridículo y extremadamente vanidoso asumir que somos la única civilización con suficiente inteligencia para visitar otros mundos del universo. ¿Y si otras civilizaciones más inteligentes que nosotros ya nos han…

How to analyze and visualize data of UFO sightings of the last century in the USA and the rest of the world

Dashboard to see the generated plots about UFO Sightings. The link at the end of the article

One of the questions that human beings can ask themselves is whether we are alone in the universe. I think it would be ridiculous and extremely vain to assume that we are the only civilization with enough intelligence to visit other worlds in the universe. What if other civilizations more…

Hands-on Tutorials

Find out which countries have won the most medals and how the participation of nations has changed over time, with R

Dashboard to see the generated plots about Olympic Games. The link at the end of the article

One of my favorite seasons that I enjoy a lot is the one in which the Olympic Games arrive. Many athletes become the heroes of an entire generation, holding up the name of their nations, and more importantly, providing a great example and inspiration to children and youth.

From 776…

Cómo establecer interoperabilidad entre R y Arduino (Datos y IoT) mediante un flujo de datos entre ambos

Foto: Recibiendo data desde Arduino, en RStudio

¿De qué más se podría hablar en común cuando hablamos de R y Arduino, además de que ambos comparten la letra R? Comencemos por el principio, por si no estás familiarizado, Arduino es una plataforma electrónica de código abierto basada en hardware (placa Arduino) y software (Arduino IDE) fáciles de…

How to establish interoperability between R and Arduino (Data and IoT) through a data flow between both

Photo: Receiving data from Arduino, in RStudio

What else could we talk about in common when we talk about R and Arduino, besides that they both share the letter R? Let’s start at the beginning, in case you are not familiar, Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy to use hardware (Arduino board) and software…

Descubre cómo y cuánto le has permitido a Google rastrearte, usando una copia de tus datos personales

Dashboard para visualizar historial de ubicaciones en Google. Link al final del artículo.

Gracias a Google Maps, hoy en día es muy difícil que ocurra la posibilidad de perderte aún cuando estás en algún lugar desconocido, siempre y cuando cuentes con una buena conexión de internet, GPS y tu smartphone con suficiente batería, ¿Cierto?. El precio: permitirle leer tus datos, tu información geográfica…

Find out how and how much you have allowed Google to track you, using a copy of your personal data

Dashboard to view your Google Location History. The link at the end of the article.

Thanks to Google Maps, today it is very difficult to get lost even when you are in an unknown place, as long as you have a good internet connection, GPS, and your smartphone with enough battery, right? The price: allow it to read your data, your geographic information. …

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